Shelby Lofton - Reporter, Fill-in Anchor


Yes, I'm that short and energetic reporter carrying all of that stuff! Secretly, I'm flattered when strangers comment on my ability to juggle it all--after all, I am an MMJ! I love the general assignment life. In 1 week I can cover a feature piece of a small town fire department's first female firefighter, stay on the scene of a deadly shooting and humanize the victim's story, then finish with a day full 'o politics at the Capitol. When I'm off the clock, I'm consuming all things Royal Family-related, digging into new true crime podcasts, (journalist-produced preferred!!,) and listening, playing and enjoying music, (from rap to classical--yes, classical. Fun fact: I'm a classically-trained singer!) Also, walks. I love my daily walks!



WKYT Conservations

I sat down (virtually) with 2 of the WKYT anchors as a guest on their podcast. We talk about my journey into journalism, making a home in Kentucky and a bit more about me. My interview starts at the 9 minute mark